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Nicola Sturgeon

The blog posts are few and far between, one a month is not exactly on the case.

To be fair I have been trying different strategies to see if they will work, and they have been effective to a degree. The bottom line is that in the UK if you are shafted by civil servants you’re only recourse is legal action, which in my case was a David v Goliath, me being David and annoyingly also funding Goliath! If someone is not as educated and experienced as me then they have no chance of ensuring their rights, and I lost!!

I am both educated to the highest level, more so than the people I am lobbying,  and experienced in senior positions, but find myself stonewalled by civil servants who knowingly flaunt the rules by which they are supposedly governed. It is not acceptable that there is no  mechanism in place to allow elected representatives to invoke, in situations where malaministration is suspected,  a critical review.

We set our self apart in this world as examples of democratic virtue, but when presented with examples of corruption a blind eye is  often turned for pragmatic reasons (a pragmatist is a man with no balls or the female equivalent), making us hypocrite’s and disabling us from broadcasting our nations inherent belief in human rights for all. It is abhorent that a citizen of the UK can be put in a position that a legal challenge to the corrupt decisions of a government department could lead to financial ruin, effectively making the “problem go away”, a tactic that was unsuccessfully, but only just, tried on me.

So now we shall contact Nicola Sturgeon, a lawyer, who recently tried to influence a court to be lenient on a man who had repeatedly defrauded the state. This should be interesting. I am the eternal optomist, I hope she is bigger than Kenny MacAskill

The mass murderer releasing football hooligan responds as type

On the 10th of May I received a completely pointless and insulting reply from someone who is not Kenny MacAskill. I don’t like having to rely on a football hooligan who releases mass murderers to promote his own political status (I’d stick to being a hooligan Kenny the other one seriously backfired ;) ) but the least I expect is a reply from the person I am corresponding with, regardless of whether it’s positive or otherwise. The reply is Here and my reply is Here

Anyway it’s time to move on and ask another member of the Scottish Executive if they know the difference between right and wrong. Once I have exhausted them all, including Alec Salmond, it’s down to more expense as I take my case to Europe, just in time for the 2011 elections. The Liberal Democrats are advertising a future fair for all, maybe a trifle naive, but i hope they can acheive it.

Give me back my land you thieving low life scum bastards

This is the first of many….hopefully. The main focus of this blog is to keep anyone who is interested up to date with my ongoing fight for justice. To remove some of the mystery you can check out one of the websites that I am using to explain and unravel the dirty deeds of the Scottish Government. Click here or for Twitter Click here